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          1. About Medicine

          2. Liaoning Pharmaceutical Materials Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned private joint-stock pharmaceutical enterprise engaged in API, pharmaceutical preparations and the import and export of medicine, and it is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

            The predecessor of company was Liaoning medical administration materials department, founded in 1979; and it was transformed to Liaoning Medical Materials Company in 1992, which was subordinate to Liaoning Medical Administration as the direct subordinate unit of Provincial Medicine Bureau; and in September 2002, Liaoning Pharmaceutical Materials Co., Ltd. was established by reforming and recombination.

            After nearly 40 years¡¯ construction and development, Liaoning Pharmaceutical Materials Co., Ltd. has promoted its business capacity and expanded business scope year by year, and it is in the first batch of pharmaceutical trading enterprises through the Certification of National GSP. At present, the company has the qualification of sales of Chinese medicine, chemical raw materials, chemical preparation, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, psychotropic drugs of the second type and API, medical use toxic drugs, pharmaceutical precursor chemicals, medical apparatus and instruments, sterilize antivirus products£¬pharmaceutical excipients, and the qualification of business information consultation and import and export of all kinds of goods and technologies, it is the only designated enterprise for franchising poison and hemp API in Liaoning province.

            Liaoning Pharmaceutical Materials Co., Ltd. always aims at "serving the people heath wholeheartedly", adheres to the concept of "exploiting innovation and pursuing excellence", takes ¡°sincere dedication, professional dedication" as its own responsibility; expands business channels and improves development patterns constantly and facilitates the development of medicine and promote healthy China by applying professional and modern operation system. And the company maintains long-term and stable partnership with famous pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises both in the domestic and overseas. Marketing channels cover more than 1,000 medical institutions, commercial enterprises and chain pharmacies in three provinces in the northeast of China, north China and central China, etc. At the same time, the company has established long-term and stable business relationship with customers from over 10 countries and regions. In recent years, the company has perfected modern logistics warehousing system and possesses a 15,000 square meters of storage and transportation logistics center. In the storage area, there are room temperature warehouses, cool warehouses, medical apparatus and instruments warehouses and special medicines warehouses. Moreover£¬we also provide integrated logistics service solutions for customers through the scientific modern logistics management system.

            The company has an efficient, capable and vigorous, professional and high-quality staff team and people-oriented enterprise culture, and has more than 10 departments including quality management department, finance and accounting department, general affairs office, storage and transportation department, logistics distribution center, pharmaceutical raw materials department and marketing department, etc. All the employees are highly qualified, accounting for 35% of them with licensed pharmacists and pharmacists, and 70% with primary and secondary professional title certificate.

            At present, the company¡¯s asset is expanding continuously, its brand influence is also increasingly strong, and gradually formed a modern state-owned private joint-stock pharmaceutical enterprise with unique core competence. In 2017, the total assets of the company are 50 million yuan, the sales revenue exceeded 350 million yuan, and the sale of API has been ranked first in Liaoning province for more than 30 years.

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          4. Liaoning Pharmaceutical Materials Co., Ltd.



                      Fax:  0086-24-22824164

            Zip Code£º110003

            Address£ºNo. 16 Shiwei Road, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

          5. 024-22824164
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